Get involved at MUDAC 2018

The Seventh Annual Midwest Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition (MUDAC) is April 7-8 at Winona State University. MUDAC is a collaborative effort between Winona State University, MinneAnalytics and this year’s data sponsor (preliminarily the Minnesota Wild).

This competition is dedicated to enhancing the education of undergraduates who will soon be entering the data analytics profession. MUDAC allows participants to showcase their analytical talent and promotes professional development.

This event brings together undergraduates from many different colleges and universities around the Midwest. This year we expect 150 students, academic advisors, working professionals, and volunteers from our profession. Participants spend 24 hours working on a data analytics problem.

Analytical Judges Needed

MUDAC is in need of analytical professionals to assist in the judging of competition outcomes. Judges are needed on Sunday, April 8 from 9:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. on the campus of Winona State University in Winona, MN.

Employers Sought for MUDAC Job Fair

The MUDAC organizing committee invites you to participate in the MUDAC 2018 Job/Internship Fair on Sunday, April 8 from 11 a.m.– 3:30 p.m. MUDAC participants represent many of the strongest students from each university, and all have a quantitative background.

Employers who attend the job fair will connect with these soon-to-be-graduates and their academic advisors. Employers will have electronic access to all resumes submitted by the MUDAC participants. There is no fee for employers to attend this job fair.


When will registration open?

Registration will be open March 1st and close on March 28th or until filled.

Can you give me some more details about registration?

Registration is first-come-first-serve. If more than 35 teams register, we will keep a waiting list and teams on the waiting list will be invited to the competition as spots become available (due to cancellation or a lack of payment). Note that, historically, the 35 team slots tend to fill fairly quickly.

Is there a limit to the number of teams from a given school?

Yes, we have a limit of 2 teams per program, but schools can petition for a third team, which might be invited as room permits. Contact mudac@winona.edu for more information.

Where can I register?

A link to the registration page will be provided here after registration starts.

How much will it cost?

The cost of registration is $50 per team. You must pay for registration before Wednesday March 28th.


Saturday April 7

Time Schedule
9:30 AM Participant Registration Begins
10:30 AM Discussion of Contest Rules
11:00 AM Meet & Greet the Data
12:00 PM Competition Begins
6:00 PM Dinner / Panel Discussion
7:30 PM Competition Resumes

Sunday April 8

Time Schedule
9:30AM Judge Registration
9:45AM Judge Orientation / Greet the Data
10:30 AM All presentations/slides are due
11:15 AM Judging - Round #1 /Job Fair
2:30 PM Judging - Round #2 /Job Fair
3:30 PM Reception
4:00 PM Awards Ceremony


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who may participate and what exactly constitutes a team?

A team consists of three or four undergraduate students. If an institution has too few (or too many) students to form teams of 3-4 people, the organizers will place any extra students into a team from another institution so that they can participate in the competition.

Is there a registration fee?

For MUDAC 2018, a registration fee of $50 per team will be imposed to help cover expenses.

How do I register my team(s)?

Initial registration will happen through EventBright (see the registration page) by the Team Advisor/Captain. Further registration information (team participants, student contact information, etc.) will be requested at a later date. Advisors/Captains should keep an eye out for a subsequent registration email.

Is there a registration deadline?

Yes. For MUDAC 2018, all participants must register and pay the registration fee by Wednesday, March 28. Due to space limitations, we may close registration at an earlier time.

Is there a limit on how many teams a school can enter?

Initially, a maximum of two teams per school will be allowed to register. Requests for additional teams will be considered after the registration deadline if there are still spaces open.

What resources will be provided for each participant?

Each team will be provided with

  • An independent workspace (most likely a classroom)
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Breakfast on Sunday
  • Dinner on Saturday evening

Will sleeping arrangements be made for the students?

No formal sleeping arrangements will be made for students; however, we encourage students to bring a sleeping bag / pillow so that they can get some rest over this 24-hour period.

Will sleeping arrangements be made for faculty advisors?

Yes. We have reserved a block of hotel rooms which will be available for faculty advisors. Faculty advisors are responsible for covering the cost of their own room.

What else should teams bring?

  • Laptops with software installed
  • Reference materials (helpful textbooks, notes from past classes, etc.)
  • Lots of energy!

Who are the judges?

Judges will consist of faculty advisors from the various institutions and representatives from the local outside organization for whom the data is being analyzed and potentially other industries.

What are the competition guidelines?

All participants and advisors must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the start of the competition, which will be done when teams check in on Saturday morning.

The integrity of the competition is of utmost importance, so faculty advisors will be able to provide only limited guidance to their students throughout this competition. The expectation is that students, not faculty advisors, are directing and completing the work. Finally, to ensure that all teams are making progress toward meeting the competition goals, all participants and advisors will meet as a large group at specific time periods to obtain a “data briefing.”

What level of statistics background is necessary?

This competition is data-intensive, so teams should have completed at least an introductory course in statistics and also have the ability to work with large amounts of data in some standard statistical software package (e.g., JMP, Minitab, R, or SPSS). Teams with a strong background in statistics (e.g., students have taken an advanced course covering regression, ANOVA, or categorical methods) will not necessarily do better. Past competition winners impressed the judges by being innovative in their approach, producing creative summaries and graphics, and communicating their outcomes in an understandable way.



  1. All participants must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding the data. All results and conclusions may not be publicized in any form without written consent from the client.

  2. All work must be completed in the designated space and time frame for the contest.

  3. Participants may seek guidance from the following

    • Contest Coordinators
    • Designated Faculty Advisors (though this guidance will be limited)
    • Any static resource (e.g. textbooks, course notes, wiki pages, software documentation, sample code, etc.)
  4. Asynchronous communication with anyone not directly involved with the competition is strictly prohibited.


The written summary should clearly describe your approach to the problem and, most prominently, your most important conclusions. More information on the rules will be forthcoming.


More information on the rules of the oral presentation will be forthcoming.